After finishing off high school, Michael Moser atends a graphic design college in Salzburg, studying the basics of desktop publishing, corporate design, illustration and photography, to name just a few.
For the last few years he’s been focusing on oversized installation art objects, hand-crafted out of several fabrics and other materials.
He creates bizarre forms assembled in huge dynamic systems up to thirty meters in diameter. Every single fragment is nothing without the other parts.
Combining these objects with his paintings and projections, he designs unique multimedia concepts for events, festivals and markets, in order to let the visitors immerse in other worlds.

He has been decorating hundrets of parties all over Europe, but highlights like Paradise Festival, Sonnenklang Festival, Urban Art Forms Festival, Frequency Festival, Pyramiduna Festival Hungary, Music Mountain Festival, Hadra Records Labelnight near Lyon, Colosseum London, Zoom Club Bologna have been milestones in his career as a decoration artist.

But there`s also a lot more to see on his other website, where he presents his smaller paintings and graphics, make sure you don`t miss that one !